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7 fabric decoration ideas for Easter and Spring

In this article we recommend 7 patchwork ideas for Easter and Spring decoration made of fabric. Use your scrap to decorate your home. Easter and Spring is a date of rebirth. That is why we use tender and fresh colors. You can find all the Easter and Spring patterns. Now let’s look at the ideas:

1. Fabric Easter eggs

Easter eggs are the most popular motif in the Easter decoration. If you like the applique you can make these fabric eggs. They’ll look beautiful at any place of your home. They are usually hung on some tree branches in a vase.

Fabric Easter eggs

2. Fabric Easter bunny

If you are a quilter, this cute fabric bunny is a must. With a quilt in her hands it will be a lovely Spring decoration to your quilt room. We have other bunny patterns to decorate your home.

Fabric Easter Bunny

3. Fabric flowers

Flowers are another sweet symbol of Spring. We have a tutorial of these cute fabric flowers. It’s very easy and fast to make. You can decorate a cushion, basket or wreath for the door. It’ll definitely look beautiful! You can use various colors, or make everything the same color as on the cushion.

Flower cushion

4. Tilda’s Spring Ideas

Now we recommend a book of a collection of Spring fabric projects,with the fabrics and ornaments of Tilda. Bags, dolls, fabric boxes and unique decorations. All of the about Spring. The book is sent for free.

Fabric bug and strawberry from Tilda's book
Tilda Spring Ideas

5. Spring Cushion

If you want to do something a little bigger, we recommend the Spring Dreams cushion. This cushion has birds and flower motifs. If you don’t have time to make it whole, you can use only the center, it will also look lovely.

Spring cushion with birds
Spring Dreams Cushion

6. A Spring and Easter Lampshade

Turn any lamp you have at home into this beautiful Spring and Easter lamp with a lampshade. It’s another patchwork idea where you can take advantage of all your scraps. It has all the symbols of Easter: bunnies, Easter egg, strawberries. It’s much easier to make it than it looks. We have a tutorial on how to draw the tulip mold, and then just appliqué from the pattern. Certainly it will be the most appreciated Spring decoration of your home. Moreover, the summer version of the lamp shade is coming soon, so you can change the cover according to the season.

Spring lamp with rabbits and Easter egg
Spring lampshade with Easter bunny

7. A Spring quilt

A spring quiltwill always be an excellent decoration in your living room if you plan to make something really big. This quilt is from Red Boot Quilt Co. and you can get the pattern on Etsy. But we also recommend that you take a look at our collection of spring ideas on Pinterest.

Spring flower quilt

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Ideas de decoración de Pascua y Primavera en patchwork

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