Apliquick, method of applique – tutorial

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Apliquick step-by-step

Do you quilt and like appliqué? Don’t you know Apliquick yet? This is your place! Since in this tutorial we will show you howto use it:

  1. Apliquick tools for applique:

    – Apliquick rods
    – fusible stabilizer (Apliquick paper)
    – a special glue-pen
    Apliquick tools

  2. Draw the piece on the bright part of the stabilizer.

    Choose a part of the pattern you want to applique. Draw this piece on the bright part of the stabilizer with a pen.

  3. Cut out the piece.

    Cut out the piece with scissors over the line.

  4. Iron it on the fabric.

    Choose the fabric you want for this piece. With a very hot iron press the piece on the wrong side of the fabric.

  5. Cut out with margin.

    Cut out the piece with a margin of less than a quarter of an inch. Always round. Leaves no spikes when cutting.

  6. Put glue

    Put glue on the margin you’re going to fold. It doesn’t matter if the glue goes on the stabilizer, too. However, don’t put glue on the part that’s covered by another piece.

  7. Take the rods.

    Take the thicker one in your left hand (if you’re right-handed) with the double tip facing down. Take the thinner one with your right hand with the flat side facing down.

  8. Fold and paste the margin on the fusible stabilizer paper.

    Now hold the piece with the thick rod with the double tip. Then put the flat part of the thin rod under the margin that carries the glue. Then fold this part over the stabilizer and press.

  9. Keep folding.

    Follow the same steps as 6., 7. and 8. until you finish the piece.

Cut the tips round

TIPP: Always cut the tips round.

TIPP: Use any kitchenware cutting board so as not to stain the table with glue.

Youtube tutorial Apliquick

If you prefer to watch a video how to do it in action, you can watch it here:

YouTube video tutorial

Tools and materials in detail

There arethree essential tools and materials for Apliquick that we detail now:

  • The Apliquick rods. It’s two metal rods. One is thick and the other is thin. You can get them from the Apliquick website
  • One-side thermo-adhesive fusible stabilizer. We also call it Apliquick paper. It’s matte on one side and bright on the other side. Buy it at any haberdashery that has it or at quilt shops.
  • Fabric glue-pen. You can buy the original glue but there are other brands. You can also get it from haberdasheries or quilt stores. If you are in Tenerife, you can stop by at our shop, here you will find it. One brand of fabric glue-pen is Sewline.
Apliquick Glue

Apliquick Glue

TIPP:with this you can put glue all over the margin at once

Sewline fabric glue-pen

Sewline Glue-pen

(photo: Sewline)

TIPP:put glue in sections because it dries very quickly

Twinkle Designs R&R projects with appliqué

The appliqué is a very popular method. You can make a lot of motifs with it. Also very small pieces. There’s no limit at all. We have many applique patterns. There is also one free of charge.

Here are some very popular designs. These are our Twinkle Designs R&R designs with appliqué. Each of them we made with the Apliquick method.

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Apliquick tutorial Pinterest
Apliquick tutorial

If you have any questions or concerns, please make a comment below. We’ll be happy to figure it out for you.

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